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William Mclarin

SAP Transportation Management Consultant

I'm an independent SAP TM (Transportation Management) consultant based in Philadelphia and I'm currently helping a client in the midwest with their latest transportation challenges. I've been in the SAP TM space exclusively since 2010 and I was an SAP transportation / logistics consultant before that. I've been in the SAP consulting world for more than 24 years and have provided transportation solutions for 20+ clients in a wide variety of industries. And the the learning is never complete - every day is a new experience!

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SAP Transportation Management Overview (SAP TM)

SAP Transportation Management Overview (SAP TM)

In this overview of SAP's Transportation Management solution, we will review aspects of the proc...


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John Zakutny
John Zakutny

I have 30 years in the logistics business with zero SAP exposure. The TM overview gave me a familiarity that I could relate to other TMS and WMS software that I have used over the years. This course gives me the basic knowledge or a first step to further my career. I would prefer that the whole webinar/power point with audio could be downloaded rather than just a PDF handout so that I can reference the full course material at a later date beyond the one year access on the website.

Venkatasatish Vellanki

we need the design and configuration and customizaing settings for the flows and in advanced topics like strategic procurement bid cycle need the configuration document SAP TM course . please let me know when this is available for taking this cource

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