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Todd Teshima

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Accounting professional with substantial professional experience delivering exceptional results for several industry pioneers. Applies a unique blend of core competencies, command of GAAP, and best practices to analyze and report complex business transactions. Identifies process improvements resulting in practical enhancements, significant cost/tax savings, and reduced audit risks. Cultivates collaborative partnerships with cross-functional groups streamlining exchanges of critical time-sensitive information. Substantial experience with major ERP systems including SAP and Oracle implementing, supporting, and providing formal training for several applications. 

Courses by Todd Teshima

Enhancements in S/4HANA New Asset Accounting

Enhancements in S/4HANA New Asset Accounting

This high-level course is an introduction to the HANA database that runs SAP S/4 Asset Accounting; t...


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Kent Bettisworth

Slides were easy to follow. Instructor easy to understand. Some transitions between slides were too quick, and I had to go back to fully collect all the information on the slide. Overall, good job.

Priscella Chacon

Good intro/overview!! TY for the insights.

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