Tamas Praczko
Cypress, US

Tamas Praczko

Sr. SAP Application Manager

I am an experienced Senior Information Technology Manager with a demonstrated history of implementing and running corporate SAP ERP systems across multiple industries and business functions. I am a results-oriented leader, mentor, speaker, project manager who simply gets IT done. My certifications include PMP, Certified Scrum Master, CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Consultant - SAP Materials Management, Certified Consultant - SAP Plant Maintenance, Certified Consultant - SAP Sales and Distribution, MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. 

Courses by Tamas Praczko

Discover the New IT Leadership Vision in SAP S/4HANA

Discover the New IT Leadership Vision in SAP S/4HANA

Does your IT team have a vision that is in alignment with the S/4Hana architecture? In this course, ...


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Oona Flanagan
Oona Flanagan

Really enjoyed this course - unusual perspective and very easy to listen to and pay attention all the way through

David Finlay
David Finlay

Thought provoking. Completely different than any other content on this platform.

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