Why have I not received my SAP Access confirmation email?

There could be several reasons why you have not your SAP access confirmation email:

  • Many times the email lands in people's spam folders - please look for an email from Workflow System <wf-batch@majul.net>
  • Please remember that we have to set up your SAP access first before this email is sent - if you have ordered your SAP access during our regular business hours (Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 5:30pm Eastern time) we'll set you up within an hour. If you ordered outside of our business hours, we'll set your SAP access up as soon as we're back to the office.
  • If you accidentally entered an incorrect email address, we'll reach out to you to get the correct one.


To avoid email delivery issues, please add our email domains michaelmanagement.com and majul.net to your contacts / approved senders lists.

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