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Illinois State University

Illinois State University adds an SAP curriculum the help of Michael Management.

Bill Crampton, PhD, Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting and Business Information Systems at Illinois State University, came out of retirement with the mission of giving back to the University he loves.

Dr. Crampton selected Michael Management as the foundation for his SAP training course.

Dr. Crampton wanted to offer a SAP program for students. He realized the growing demand in the workplace for SAP knowledge was not being mirrored by SAP coursework being offered at Universities globally.

“Illinois State has a top accounting program with AACSB accreditation. I came back because I wanted to further add to the marketability of our students with SAP training as a course,” said Dr. Crampton.

Initially he had taught part of a course using SAP’s University Alliance program. Dr. Crampton felt the program worked in a classroom setting for 30 or so students, but he wanted the option to offer the course online to potentially hundreds of students at a time.

“I researched various programs and found Michael Management to be best suited to what I wanted to do,” shared Dr. Crampton.

With buy-in from the Accounting Department chair, Dr. Crampton launched an independent study course built around Michael Management’s SAP training.

“One of the students in my first class ended up getting an offer for a competitive job at a large company, and she said she got the job because she was the only top candidate with SAP training,” Dr. Crampton said.


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”Illinois State University’s top tier students are even more marketable with SAP training - “We have recruiters come through our department regularly. They almost fell out of their chairs when they found out we were offering SAP training, because so few universities do,” said Dr. Crampton.“

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