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Emmerson Packaging

Emmerson Packaging saves their key employees’ time and improves SAP training with Michael Management.

Emmerson Packaging was training new employees in SAP using a collection of Word documents that employees were required to read.

Emmerson Packaging partnered with Michael Management for their online SAP training program.

Employees ended up relying on the most experienced users in each department to help with questions or training where the documents did not suffice. This invariably resulted in skilled employees spending time helping conduct training rather than working.

“One of the problems with the Word version training is users scan through without immersing themselves in the instruction document. Not everybody learns by reading, some people need to learn by doing,” said Chrissy Maine, Business Analyst at Emmerson Packaging.

They needed an independent, hands-on training program that could more effectively train users to become proficient working with SAP.

Michael Management provides hands-on training—one of Emmerson’s top priorities for their employees. “A huge benefit of Michael Management,” shared Chrissy,” is that people are actually doing the work as they are learning, which tends to stick more.”

The ability to track training progress through Michael Management’s easy-to-use dashboard is another important feature for Emmerson Packaging.

“We can track if a user has completed a lesson, if they have completed a multiple choice questionnaire, or an exam. It provides a better view if the user was actually reading through all the points and absorbing the information,” said Chrissy.



Saves time
Carey Leaman, ERP Program Manager at Emmerson, estimates that her four person department saves about half a day of time each week thanks to Michael Management. Chrissy estimates 25% of her daily work had been helping with SAP training prior to Michael Management.
Great customer service
“We do not have many problems, but any problems we do have, Michael Management is really good at getting right back to us. The platform has a chatbox and they respond quickly,” said Chrissy.

”Michael Management training has been positively received. The senior management team sees it as an investment they’re making in their people and enhancing their skills.“


Business Analyst

Emmerson Packaging

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