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De Nora Water Technologies

De Nora Water Technologies uses Michael Management for holistic and integrated SAP training solution

De Nora, a cleantech company with manufacturing facilities and offices all over the world, is already running SAP S/4HANA in nine locations. The company planned to roll-out SAP S/4HANA in three additional U.S. offices for De Nora Water Technologies, a leading provider of water treatment systems for filtration, disinfection, and electrochlorination.

Initially, De Nora intended to hire a consultant located in Italy to oversee the SAP implementation in person, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to change course.

“When we ran into COVID-19, we had an urgent need to react quickly to the changing environment, and that environment meant that we could not have anybody travel to the US to support the key-user and end-user training,” said Monique Pietropaoli, Commercial Manager at De Nora. “Because of COVID and everybody working from home, we needed to respond incredibly quickly with an alternative.”

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De Nora discovered Michael Management quickly from an online search. “What I learned very quickly was that I could implement them in a matter of days and deal with the lack of local support almost immediately, which was critical in order for us to keep moving forward on our implementation,” said Monique.

The severity of the COVID-19 pandemic had increased during March, while the SAP rollout in De Nora’s Texas office was slated to go live in early April. “We had a matter of days to switch gears,” said Monique. “When we found Michael Management, I tested them out and it was very clear to me that they were more than capable of meeting our needs.”



TIME SAVINGS - “All of the content that we needed to provide to our end users was already available from Michael Management,” said Monique. “There was a lot of time saved for us in not needing to develop our own training for all of the base courses.”

POSITIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE - “I had a number of executive managers actually sending me emails, saying, ‘Look at the congratulations I got,’” said Monique. “They love the positive feedback that the system provided, and that was a good encouragement for them to continue moving forward with it.”

QUICKER END-USER COMPREHENSION - “If we were to go through a physical training with a live trainer, we would probably have to go through it twice to get the system knowledge that we got once through with Micheal Management,” said Monique. “What has been learned by our users-what has been retained as far as system knowledge- exceeds a traditional once-through training.”

EASE OF USE - “I had one user tell me that he had to review one section of material seven times before it sunk in, but it was easy because he was doing it at home and could just rewind and repeat until he understood,” said Monique. “This allowed him to learn at his own level and his own speed.”

LONG-TERM FINANCIAL BENEFIT - “When we’re six months down the road from now, and all of our users are on the system and we don’t have to circle back for additional training, that’s where we’re going to see an even bigger financial impact,” said Monique.

SAP training success story from De Nora Water Technologies SAP training success story from De Nora Water Technologies


The courses from Michael Management are good, they’re very thorough.


Commercial Manager

De Nora Water Technologies

De Nora partnered with Michael Management to support their end-user SAP training and found the arrangement was “very quick and easy to adapt,” according to Monique.

“Michael Management has a full offering for all SAP training,” said Monique. “It covered all of the modules that we needed on both the basic level, as well as intermediate and, in some cases, advanced-user level. It’s worked out quite well because we’ve been able to give each user a sampling of everything that they need in order to do their job. They’re giving all of our users a very solid foundation.”

Monique noted that De Nora’s sales team in particular had success with Michael Management’s core SAP and sales-order training modules. “I heard a lot of ‘Aha!,’ ‘I see,’ ‘I get it’-all of those little things that signaled to me that they were able to very quickly connect the dots on the business process because of the system knowledge they got through the Michael Management courses,” she said.

De Nora employees appreciated how easy the courses were to use and reference.”People liked the online training platform because they could go back to it,” said Monique. “They repeated the courses so they could further understand; they could refresh their memory on what was said.

“Overall, participation in the courses has been good, and I think that our users have the knowledge that they need,” said Monique. “It’s been deployed to all users at all levels and all skill types. I’m pleased with it. I’m actually looking forward to the next group of users getting online and running with the programs.”

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”We're using the training from Michael Management as a foundational training on which we're building our business processes.“


Commercial Manager

De Nora Water Technologies

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