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Access to fully licensed SAP sandbox systems from any computer.
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Very clear, complete, and efficient training!

Luciano Stella

I have used SAP for 6 years and this training still gave me some new tools to use on my job. This training is not only for beginners but users who just need a refresher in SAP.

Tim Dyszkiewicz
Whirlpool Corporation

I am loving the courses. I think the quality of the lessons are really super!

Daniel Thibault-Shea
Planner / Buyer
Pharmascience Inc.

Award-winning SAP training

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Recent Blog Articles

Stay up to date with our SAP training blog and share your thoughts on top trending topics related to your SAP career.

How to Install the SAP GUI

What is the SAP GUI? The SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a software program on your computer that allows you to access an SAP system. SAP uses a so-called client-server architecture where the SAP system/application resides on a server and you are accessing the system via your computer (which is called the client - see below image for SAP's typical client-server set up). There are 3 different types of SAP GUIs and they each have ...

Thomas Michael Posted on 8/1/2018
by Thomas  Michael

Top SAP Instructor Interview with Raju Shrestha

We interviewed Raju Shrestha, who is currently one of our top SAP instructors. He combines more than a decade of industry experience, with thoughtful instructional design and training methods to produce the highly successful Introduction to SAP OData Services, Introduction to ABAP 7.4 for HANA, and Debugging ABAP for SAP Functional Teams courses. MMC - Raju, thank you for agreeing to share your knowledge, and words of encouragement to SAP professionals ...

Benjamin Heyworth Posted on 7/31/2018
by Benjamin  Heyworth

Look Into the Mind of MMC Instructor McKay Dunlap

Last week I interviewed McKay Dunlap, the instructor of Crystal Reports 101 Quick Start. McKay Dunlap brings over 18-years of business intelligence, analytics, database, search, ETL, data warehousing, and big data experience. He takes a practical, no-fluff, and hands-on instructional approach to teaching and demonstrates his working knowledge of the subject matter through simple and clear language. MMC - Why do you teach SAP Crystal Reports? McKay ...

Benjamin Heyworth Posted on 7/23/2018
by Benjamin  Heyworth