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Courses and website are engaging, effective and enjoyable, simple to navigate. Staff is always ready to help with anything.

Fernando Rico
Consumer Customer Service Rep.
Yokohama Tire

Training is very good. I have been able to use my training to help me at work.

Keith Gallant
Senior Quality Engineer
Borgers Ltd

Very complete & useful courses.

Yulio Cova
Production Supervisor

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How to Develop OData REST API in SAP ERP

The most popular way to establish SAP Connectivity with Non SAP System is via OData REST API. It provides you seamless connectivity and it’s a low-cost solution, which is why preferred by the majority of SAP users. Using REST API you can pass SAP Data to Non SAP Systems as well Push non-SAP Systems data to SAP as well. In this blog, our focus will be that how we can pass data from SAP to non-SAP Systems. It's been a few years ...

Michael Management Posted on 1/19/2022
by Michael  Management

Excel vs. Google Sheets: How to Choose

The business world practically runs on spreadsheets, whether they’re used in recognizable CSV formats or custom-coded interfaces like those you may find in SAP. In the world of spreadsheets, there are two main players that most companies recognize: Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. But what are the differences between them? How can you know whether your organization should use Excel or Sheets? We’ll discuss a few pointers that ...

Michael Management Posted on 1/11/2022
by Michael  Management

4 Ways to Keep Employees Learning while at Home

With remote work increasingly becoming the new norm, companies that previously had their entire staff in one building, committing to the same location and workhouse every day, now work in a dispersed and decentralized manner. There are a lot of questions that come with this new normal of working from home, especially for companies that never experimented with it prior to 2020. One of the biggest questions is how to keep employees learning while ...

Michael Management Posted on 1/6/2022
by Michael  Management