Reporting & Analytics

"What gets measured, gets done."

Monitor and track the performance of your training program
with premium reporting and analytics.


Follow your team's training success with comprehensive reports to monitor:

Hall of Fame

See who your super-star learners are

Skill Level by Student

Find out about each student's skill level

Skill Assessments

Assess and track a student's skill level over time

Completed training hours

See how many training hours each student completed


Ensure training progress with automated reminder notifications, course completion and stalled progress reports.

  • Completion tracking
  • Track who has completed the assigned training courses
  • Course progress
  • Monitor each learner's progress by course
  • Stalled progress
  • See who has not made any progress with their assigned training
SAP reporting and analytics screen shots


Track student feedback and training needs within your organization with these content reports:

Student feedback.

See top content and what courses work well

Department usage

Track training usage by your organization's departments

Course usage patterns

See where your organization's biggest training need is

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