Solen Dogan

Solen Dogan

Senior Abap Developer

I am an ABAP developer and consultant with over 10 years of experience having worked in various SAP frameworks and technologies. I have worked with large multinational teams, in service delivery centers with different clients from Energy to automotive to IT and lately consulting. Involved in several full-cycle projects on different phases e.g. requirements analysis, coding, code quality review, testing and maintenance. A great enthusiast on the Object Oriented architecture, Micro services, Cloud development, devops. Currently working on a project with OpenUI5 and Nodejs for creating a mobile application for streamlining the incident management process.

Courses by Solen Dogan

Using ABAP on SAP HANA Cloud Trial Platform

Using ABAP on SAP HANA Cloud Trial Platform

For the first time in the history of SAP, developers worldwide can build and run ABAP code in the Cl...


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