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Robert Weber

Sr. SAP Archiving Specialist

Robert C. Weber, CPIM, CIRM has over 20 years of experience in SAP Cross Application skill sets which includes 15 years of full life-cycle archiving and other SAP experience in security, data volume management and project management. Some of the companies he has performed archiving services include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hitachi, Butterball Turkeys, Home Depot and BMW. He is certified in the APICS CPIM (Certification in Production and Inventory Management) and CIRM (Certification in Integrated Management) and has taught 50 certification courses at multiple companies and colleges.

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Fundamentals of SAP Data Archiving

Fundamentals of SAP Data Archiving

Is your team discussing Data Archiving for SAP, yet you feel in the dark? This Fundamentals of Data ...


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Kevin Wiles
Kevin Wiles

good info...wish was more interactive and gave examples of an archiving scenario

Daniel Muralla
Daniel Muralla

Archiving principles direct and on point.

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