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Paul joined Heidelberg Cement in the UK in 1990. For the first seven years, he worked as an accountant. In 1997, a global SAP rollout came along and he jumped on board and has never looked back. He has worked on country-specific SAP implementations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, and Australia. After starting off as a business analyst configuring the good old IMG, Paul swiftly moved on to the wonderful world of ABAP programming. After the initial run of data conversion programs, ALV reports, interactive Dynpro screens, and SAPscript forms, he yearned for something more and since then has been eagerly investigating each new technology as it comes out. He has been an SAP Mentor since 2017 and can regularly be found blogging on the SAP Community site. He is the author of the SAP Press book "ABAP to the Future" (now up to its third edition) which deals with the latest ABAP technology e.g. BOPF, BRF+, CDS Views, UI5, the RESTful ABAP Programming model, etc.. along with popular subjects like the ALV. Paul has also written two Ebites for SAP Press about converting custom code to S/4HANA and Refactoring Legacy Code respectively. His next book release will be "Improving the Quality of ABAP Code" published by APRESS in 2021. Paul has spoken at many SAP events, not only in Australia but also several times at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, and all over Europe at various SAP Inside Tracks and at Mastering SAP South Africa.

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Test Driven Development with ABAP

Test Driven Development with ABAP

Traditionally programs rot as they grow, becoming more difficult to change without breaking somethin...


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Alex Ingram
Alex Ingram

Great starter course. It does need a follow up on doubling techniques and injection techniques. Also, more focus on dealing with older code, containing it initially while moving it across using islands of happiness approach.

Marnie Stutts
Marnie Stutts

very good course on the TDD concept and some samples. I am still learning some aspects of ABAP that will help in the application of TDD.

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