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Abdul is a SAP Solution Architect with over 20 years of industrial and SAP experience working in the Logistic Supply Chain Management (SCM) consulting space. During this time, he has been a consultant, developer, Team Lead, Solution Architect and SAP team, both in SAP R/3 and SAP S/4 HANA. In this time, he has built End to End SAP solutions encompassing SAP modules such as Sales (SD, Global Trade Services, ATP and aATP) Logistics & Distribution (deliveries, IM, Extended Warehouse Management) and Transportation (SAP Shipping, SAP Transport Management, Ortec and I2 Loadbuilder) covering industries such as Consumer Goods (P&G), Life Sciences (J&J and AZ), Manufacturing (Caterpillar, OI) and Consulting (Accenture, Wipro, etc). He is currently helping businesses deliver value in their supply chain by process optimisation, and implementing SAP "Best Practice" within the context of their industry using the appropriate SAP solution. He believes that business context is important, which is why each course also includes a business introduction. This is important as it allows students to understand the context of why a given solution is to be developed. He is always learning new things and loves sharing his knowledge.

Courses by Abdul Maulud

Debugging in S/4HANA for Non-Programmers

Debugging in S/4HANA for Non-Programmers

Learn how to debug CDS, AMDP (New HANAtechnologies), or Fiori. These are must-have skills in today&#...


Transportation and Logistics in S/4HANA

Transportation and Logistics in S/4HANA

This course covers the SAP Supply Chain topics of Sales (SD), Advance ATP (aATP), Global Trade Servi...


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Thomas Golda
Thomas Golda

I am the #1 student at MMC. I have taken more courses and have more certifications than any other student. This was one of the best courses I have taken. Very informative. I loved all the information. Especially the insight on the screens of EWM....

Santharam Sivalenka

Nice course to learn Quick de-bugging especially on eclipse. The demo scenarios are well structured. Many Thanks

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