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Joel Mendoza

IT Manager for JFC North America

Experienced Information Technology Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the restaurants industry, Point of Sale, Banking, Health and Oil Refinery. Strong information technology professional skilled in IT Governance, Audit, Project Management, Infrastructure, System Operation, System Analysis and Design, Solution Delivery, In-house development, Platform and services, and process improvement. During my free time, I play chess online, swim, read books and practice martial arts.

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  •      Completed lesson 'Disclaimer' on 07/26/2018
  •      Completed lesson 'A template for a common Asset History Sheet modification.' on 07/26/2018
  •      Completed lesson 'Summary' on 07/26/2018
  •      Completed lesson 'How to use the Asset History Sheet report' on 07/26/2018
  •      Completed lesson 'AHS Version Template' on 07/26/2018


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