We could go on about our services, expertise, and commitment to excellence. Then again - our clients do that so much better.

"I like it a lot! In my opinion it is better than the other training I tested from SAP."
-Jane Hickman, SAP Integrator and Transition Manager Europe and Africa, ContourGlobal
"The courses are excellent
which is why I am continuing to purchase from you. "
-Graham Asbury, Sales & Distribution at Edmund Optics, Inc.
"Whenever I'm asked for a reference regarding Michael Mgmt I can't say enough. I've worked with many consulting groups but his is on the top of my list. Not only because of their competency but also the clear signs of ownership of issues."
-Don C. Hotz, Global SAP ASM, Corporate CIO Office at CSC
"The training modules have been great! I have been whizzing through them and doing well on the quizzes.
I'm loving SAP!"
-Rose Garman, HR Manager/Business Partner at Icon Information Consultants
"The Michael Management online training provided our project team with a jump start going into our blueprint sessions."
-Ronda Walzer, Director of Wholesale Accounting at Love's Travel Stops
"The courses are very well done. A lot of great information is presented. What has helped was 'playing around' first in some of the screens, and then taking the course/modules which explained the 'why' behind some of the fields. And being able to repeat the modules is extremely helpful."
-Jim Salter, Sr. Business Systems Analyst at Ikaria, Inc.
"After much research, MMC came out for me as a clear leader. They had the variety of courses I needed had for me the best structure, content and delivery method."
-Christopher Lallis, SAP Functional Specialist at Twinings
"I took your Complete Asset Accounting class and found it very informative and feel it would be a must for New Users! I have been using SAP since July 2003 and doing fixed assets since August 2004 and still learned things I did not know. "
-Diane Salva, Fixed Asset Accountant at Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC
"I have become a more knowledgeable, more confident person with the ability to contribute much more in the world of business than what I would have been able to do without my SAP skills."
-Salil Gaonkar, SAP Logistics Competency Lead at Illumiti Inc.
"(MMC) gave me the chance to actually use the product as I learned. I now understand what I need to know on the subject. There is a lot of complexity in every screen,...understanding those screens is the key to success."
-Robert Glitch, Solutions Engineer at Winshuttle
"MMC came highly recommended...It helped me prepare for the formal on-site Winshuttle training we received from our implementation partner."
-Chrissie Hutton, DM Data Analyst at Semtech Corporation
"Over the past 9 years we have worked with MMC on several different occasions. Tom Michael and his team of consultants are among the best we have worked with during my experience with SAP."
-Bob Gauthreaux, IT Manager, Scientific Atlanta, A Cisco Company
"It was great as all the courses were detailed and would explain a lot of the 'why' questions students might have."
-Michelle Ward, SAP Consultant at Deloitte
"We are thrilled with the work you have done. We are very happy with the e-learning courses."
-Darlene Francis, SAP Training Manager, Rhodia, Inc.
"Tracking and metrics reporting for students (made me decide on MMC training),...Good basis
and first view of SAP."
-Robyn Vergillo, SAP Training Administrator at ThysenKrupp Aerospace
"I have used SAP for 6 years and [MMC's] training still gave me some new tools to use on my job. This training is not only for beginners but users who just need a refresher in SAP."
-Tim Dyszkiewicz, Lead Fixed Asset Accountant, Whirlpool Corporation
"It's amazing how the voice-over and all the other interactive bits add up to a wonderful learning experience for students! No wonder why MMC is simply the best only SAP training company with many awards and credits!"
-Jawad Akhtar, Head of SAP Delivery at AbacusConsulting
"I wish all customer service and businesses were as much a pleasure to do business with as you are."
-Kevin Meadowcroft, Production Supervisor at Schaeffler
"Everyone I have referred to Michael Management has had a good experience."
-Jon Reed, Independent Analyst and SAP Mentor, JonERP.com
"You've been great and I'll remember you should I need access to an SAP box in the future. Your service was very helpful for me because I had to start from scratch in learning SAP."
- Peter Gruber, PG3 Solutions
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