Asset History Sheet by Month Report


The standard SAP Asset History Sheet report (or Asset Roll-Forward report) can be run on a Year-to-Date basis only and not on a monthly or periodic basis. Also, it cannot be run for individual periods in prior, closed fiscal years.



Our enhancement lets you run the report for any number of periods of any fiscal year (even closed fiscal years!). For example, you can run it just for the month of March (with beginning balances as of 3/1 and ending 3/31) or the second quarter, etc. Also, our report can show you the posted and planned values for the reporting time frame. All other functions, screens, layouts, etc. are identical to the standard SAP report.


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Asset History Report Enhancement
(price per installation number, incl. $395 annual maintenance)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a modification to the standard SAP report?

A: No, this is an enhancement and a new report. It does not change the standard SAP report.

Q: How is this report delivered to me?

A: We will send you the source code in text format for easy uploading into your system. Of course, we also provide installation instructions. It takes less than 30 minutes to install this program.

Q: Who will maintain this report in case of bugs, upgrades, etc.?

A: We do! As part of your annual maintenance fee we will take care of any updates necessary.