The Making of The Essential SAP Career Guide: Hitting the Ground Running

Discussion with author Tanya Duncan on the making of The Essential SAP Career Guide: Hitting the Ground Running. Tanya will discuss the content included in this second edition of The Essential SAP Career Guide including updates on the SAP market and expert interviews with well-known SAP professionals including Michael Management CEO Thomas Michael.

This webinar includes: 

  • Introduction to Tanya Duncan and overview of The Essential SAP Career Guide 
  • Key areas of the book relevant for SAP beginnings including interview tips, SAP career paths, and critical skills for SAP newbies 
  • Discussion on what has changed in the SAP market since the first edition was published in 2013.


Presented by:

Thomas Michael

Thomas Michael
Thomas Michael has been involved in SAP consulting and development since 1993. As the CEO of the Michael Management Corporation he speaks and writes widely about SAP training and implementation issues. Tom has authored numerous books, articles and white papers covering a variety of topics. He is a regular speaker at national SAP conferences and other venues.

Tanya Duncan

Tanya Duncan
Tanya is an SAP FICO Consultant with Deloitte. Her experience on global SAP deployments as a Product Costing and Controlling lead has taken her to Europe and around the United States. Tanya is a published author and has recently released The Essential SAP Career Guide.

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