Jan 17, 2017, 1:00pm EST
How to Re-Open the Fiscal Year in SAP Asset Accounting

Closing the fiscal year in Asset Accounting is hard enough. But what do you do once you closed the year and then need to make adjustment postings? In this session you will learn:

- How to re-open the fiscal year for asset accounting only
- How to open only specific depreciation areas
- How to close the year again after you made adjustments

Jan 19, 2017, 1pm EST
Building A Business Case For HANA

Companies have many questions about HANA and its potential. This webinar will provide a structured framework to help Managers and Executives think about building a business case for HANA. It will also present an overview of S/4HANA, high level capabilities and key considerations for building a business case for a strategic roadmap and implementation plan.

• Overview of HANA & S/4HANA
• A framework for building a business case for SAP HANA
• A sample strategic roadmap and implementation plan

Jan 24, 2017, 1:30pm EST
Feb 22, 2017, 1:30pm EST
Mar 21, 2017, 1:30pm EST
Become an SAP Instructor

If you have a passion for SAP and enjoy sharing your expertise then join our group of elite SAP instructors now. Find out how you can create online SAP training courses on our new training platform.
In this short 30 -minute webinar you will find out:

- how to create online SAP training courses in your area of expertise
- how our platform works and how we share the revenue with you
- what makes a good instructor and course topic
- how to go live with your first course in the next 21 days



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Will you be ready? Accounting for Asset Leases…the new way!

Billions of dollars in capital and operating lease assets will be added to balance sheets as right-to-use (ROU) assets starting with 2019 or earlier. Leasing is an important activity to finance and gain access to assets and reduce an organization’s exposure to the risks of asset ownership. The current off-balance sheet accounting has been criticized for years. Finally, the accounting boards have converged on a new standard effective in 2019. This session will educate you on what this means for your company.

You will learn:
• What are the new rules?
• How will US accounting differ from the rest of the world?
• What should my company do to prepare?

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Executive Briefing - Improve Productivity with SAP Training

Audience: C-level, Vice President, Director
Join CEO Thomas Michael in this short 30-minute session to get an unbiased look at available SAP training options, pros & cons and find out what your SAP team really wants.

You will learn:
• 2 good reasons to pay attention to SAP training
• SAP training options, pros & cons
• What SAP professionals really want
• Training ROI and success metrics

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Standard Product Costing - 3 Methods to Absorb Overhead

Overhead Cost is an important cost component when calculating a Standard Product Cost, there are many methods available, how do you decide which is appropriate for your requirements? This Webinar will cover common use cases for each method.

You will learn:
• How to Absorb overhead using an Overhead Costing Sheet
• How to Absorb overhead using a Costing Template
• How to absorb overhead using a Production Order Routing Activity

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The Making of The Essential SAP Career Guide: Hitting the Ground Running

Discussion with author Tanya Duncan on the making of The Essential SAP Career Guide: Hitting the Ground Running. Tanya will discuss the content included in this second edition of The Essential SAP Career Guide including updates on the SAP market and expert interviews with well-known SAP professionals including Michael Management CEO Thomas Michael.

This webinar includes:
• Introduction to Tanya Duncan and overview of The Essential SAP Career Guide
• Key areas of the book relevant for SAP beginnings including interview tips, SAP career paths, and critical skills for SAP newbies
• Discussion on what has changed in the SAP market since the first edition was published in 2013.

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How to Post Revaluations in SAP Asset Accounting

Revaluations for fixed assets are a common, yet very complex transaction in SAP. Watch SAP expert Thomas Michael as he explains the step-by-step details for a successful revaluation for SAP Asset Accounting.

You will learn:
• New vs. old revaluation program
• Step-by-step revaluation example
• Configuration requirements

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SAP Job & Training Challenges - A live discussion with SAP experts

Join SAP experts Jon Reed, John von Aspen and Thomas Michael for this lively discussion about current SAP training and job challenges.

You will learn:
• Current SAP training challenges and expectations of SAP professionals
• What type of training do SAP users really want
• The future of SAP training
• How to start or transform your SAP career