SAP Training: SAP System Administration

SAP System Administration

This course bundle includes the main functions for SAP's Basis Component (BC) / System Administration. These courses are a basic requirement for every SAP System Administrator.

In this course you will learn:

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Course Goal

  • Basic System Administration
  • Intermediate System Administration
  • User Administration
  • Security Administration
  • Query Reporting


  • Consultants
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project team members
  • System Administrators


Lesson Plan

BC101 - Basic SAP System Administration

Lesson Description
1 SM01 - Transaction code administration
2 SM02 - System messages
3 SM04 - User Overview
4 SM12 - Lock entries
5 SM21 - System log
6 ST22 - Dump analysis
7 SNOTE - Note assistant
8 SCC4 - Client maintenance
9 SCCL - Client copy
10 SCC3 - Copy logs
11 SCC5 - Client deletion
12 SU01 - Lock/Unlock user


BC103 - SAP User Administration

Lesson Description
1 Create and Maintain Users
2 Lock/Unlock User/Password Reset
3 User Mass Maintenance
4 Maintain User Profile (Parameters)
5 Maintain User Profile (Defaults)
6 Create/Maintain User Groups
7 User Master Data Reconciliation
8 Compression of Assignment of User to Role
9 Users by Logon Date and Password Change
10 Users by Complex Selection
11 Change Documents - User Master Records
12 Check Passwords for Standard Users
13 View/Kill User Session
14 Assign Structural Authorization Profile
15 Generate User Authorizations


BC102 - Intermediate SAP System Administration

Lesson Description
1 Edit Profiles
2 Maintain Operational Modes and Instances
3 Control Panel - Manage Operation Modes
4 Display/Maintain System Operation Modes
5 Configuration of RFC Connections
6 Remote Client Copy
7 Client Export and Import Editing
8 Copy By Transport Request
9 Transport Management System
10 Spool Administration
11 Output Controller - Spool Request Selection Screen
12 Output Controller - List of Spool Requests
13 License Administration
14 Define Background Jobs
15 Simple Job Selection


BC104 - SAP Security Administration

Lesson Description
1 Overview
2 Create a Single Role
3 Create a Composite Role
4 Create Derived Role
5 Maintain Authorization Defaults
6 Evaluate Authorization Check
7 User Authorization Buffer
8 User Maintenance: Mass Changes
9 Maintain Authorization and Profiles
10 Authorizations
11 Roles by Complex Selection Criteria
12 Authorization Objects
13 Role Comparisons
14 Authorization Trace


LSMW101 - SAP LSMW - Legacy System Migration Workbench

Lesson Description
1 LSMW Project Overview
2 Maintain Object Attributes
3 Maintain Source Structures, Fields and Relations
4 Maintain Field Mapping and Fixed Values
5 Specify and Assign Files
6 Read Data and Display Read Data
7 Convert Data and Display Converted Data
8 Create and Run a Batch Input Session
9 Export and Import LSMW Projects


BC110 - SAP Query Reporting

Lesson Description
1 Ad-Hoc Reporting Overview
2 Running SAP QuickViewer Reports
3 Creating SAP QuickViewer Reports
4 Modifying SAP QuickViewer Reports
5 Running SAP Query Reports
6 SAP Query User Parameters
7 SAP Query Additional Output Formats
8 SAP Query Creating Infosets
9 SAP Query Modifying Infosets
10 Assigning Users/Infosets to Query Groups
11 SAP Query Create New Report Single Table
12 QuickViewer Advanced Topics I
13 QuickViewer Advanced Topic II
14 SAP Query Statistical/Ranked List Reports
15 Data Browser for Simple Reporting


Career Paths

This training course is included in the following SAP Career Paths:

BC101 - Basic SAP System Administration
BC102 - Intermediate SAP System Administration
BC110 - SAP Query Reporting
LSMW101 - SAP LSMW - Legacy System Migration Workbench


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Student Feedback

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Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 40.0 hours
Type:  Simulation
Delivery: Online, self-study
Release: ECC 6.0
Category: SAP Basis, HANA & Winshuttle Tools
Exam:  500+ questions

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The material is put together very nicely and I find the simulation aspect of the courses to be more beneficial than screenshots in PowerPoint.
-Lauren  K.
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