SAP Training: SAP Sales and Distribution Configuration


SAP Sales and Distribution Configuration

This course teaches the main configuration transactions in SAP's Sales & Distribution (SD) module. This course is a basic requirement for every Business Analyst or SAP consultant wanting to work with SAP SD.

In this course you will learn:

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Course Goal

  • SD Enterprise structures
  • Pricing configuration
  • Sales document configuration
  • Delivery configuration
  • Billing configuration
  • Master Data configuration


  • Consultants
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project team members


Lesson Plan

CONSD101 - SAP SD Enterprise Structure Configuration

Lesson Description
1 Define Sales Organization
2 Define Distribution Channel
3 Maintain Sales Office
4 Maintain Sales Group
5 Define Shipping Point
6 Maintain Loading Point
7 Maintain Division
8 Assign Sales Org to Company Code
9 Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization
10 Assign Division to Sales Organization
11 Set up Sales Area
12 Assign Sales Office to Sales Area
13 Assign Sales Group to Sales Office
14 Assign Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Plant
15 Assign Sales Area to Credit Control Area
16 Assign Shipping Point to Plant


CONSD102 - SAP SD Master Data Configuration

Lesson Description
1 Define Common Distribution Channels
2 Define Common Divisions
3 Define Marketing Master Data
4 Define Customer Groups & Sales Districts
5 Maintain Reserve Fields
6 Define Delivery Parameters
7 Define Customer Calendars
8 Define Billing Schedule
9 Define Terms of Payment
10 Define Incoterms
11 Define Contact Person Functions
12 Define Item Proposal Types
13 Define Number Range for Item Proposal


CONSD103 - SAP SD Pricing Configuration

Lesson Description
1 Define Condition Tables
2 Define Access Sequence
3 Define Condition Types
4 Pricing Control Procedure
5 Pricing Control by Item Category
6 Define Price List
7 Define Price Groups
8 Define Material Groups
9 Maintain Pricing Control Report
10 Copy Rule for Condition Types & Conditions
11 Define Condition Exclusion Groups
12 Condition Exclusion for Groups of Conditions
13 Define Promotions


CONSD104 - SAP SD Sales Document Configuration

Lesson Description
1 Configure Sales Document Header
2 Configure Sales Document Item
3 Schedule Lines
4 Configure Contract Data
5 Value Contract
6 Customize Master Contracts
7 Scheduling Agreements with Delivery Schedules
8 Copy Control for Sales Documents
9 Output Control
10 Material Determination
11 Listing/Exclusion
12 Partner Determination
13 Text Control
14 Log of Incomplete Items


CONSD105 - SAP SD Delivery Configuration

Lesson Description
1 Delivery Types Configuration
2 Delivery Item Category
3 Reasons for Blocking in Shipping
4 Copy Control for Deliveries
5 Shipping Point Determination
6 Delivery and Transportation Scheduling
7 Routes and Route Determination
8 Picking
9 Packing
10 Output Control for Outbound Deliveries
11 Partner Determination for Deliveries
12 Text Control for Deliveries
13 Incompletion Control for Deliveries


CONSD106 - SAP SD Billing Configuration

Lesson Description
1 Billing Types
2 Invoice Lists
3 Assembling Groups
4 Copy Control for Billing Documents
5 Blocking Reasons for Billing Documents
6 Reasons for Complaint
7 Payment Cards
8 Rebate Processing
9 Intercompany Billing
10 Billing Plan
11 Revenue Account Determination
12 Output Determination for Billing Documents


Career Paths

This training course is included in the following SAP Career Paths:

CONSD101 - SAP SD Enterprise Structure Configuration
CONSD102 - SAP SD Master Data Configuration
CONSD103 - SAP SD Pricing Configuration
CONSD104 - SAP SD Sales Document Configuration
CONSD105 - SAP SD Delivery Configuration
CONSD106 - SAP SD Billing Configuration


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