SAP Financial Accounting


SAP Financial Accounting

This combo course package teaches the most common end user functions in SAP's Financial Accounting (FI) module. This course is a basic requirement for every accountant wanting to work with SAP.

In this course you will learn:

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Course Goal

  • SAP Financial Accounting overview
  • SAP General Ledger
  • SAP Accounts Receivable
  • SAP Accounts Payable
  • SAP Financial Period-End Closing


  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project team members


Lesson Plan

FIGL101 - SAP General Ledger Accounting

Lesson Description
1 General Ledger Accounting Overview
2 Create G/L account
3 Enter G/L document
4 Reverse document
5 Search and Display document
6 Display account balances
7 Display account line items
8 Park document
9 Post parked document
10 Open & Close posting period
11 Balance Sheet Report & Profit/Loss Statement
12 Cash Flow Statement
13 Chart of Accounts report


FIAR101 - SAP Accounts Receivable Accounting

Lesson Description
1 Create customer master record
2 Change/Display customer master record
3 Block/Unblock customer
4 Display changes
5 Post invoice
6 Display document
7 Display account balance/line items
8 Post incoming payment with automatic clearing
9 Post incoming payment with minor variance
10 Post incoming payment in foreign currency
11 Dunning run
12 Open Item list
13 Account Receivable Info System
14 Customer Balances
15 Customer List


FIAP101 - SAP Accounts Payable Accounting

Lesson Description
1 Create vendor master record
2 Change/Display vendor master record
3 Change vendor with confirmation
4 Block/Unblock vendor
5 Display changes
6 Post vendor invoice
7 Display document
8 Display account balance/line items
9 Post outgoing payment with automatic clearing
10 Post outgoing payment with minor variance
11 Post outgoing payment and print check
12 Payment run
13 Void check
14 Vendor Information System
15 Vendor Balances
16 Vendor List & Address List


FIGL301 - SAP Financial Period End Closing

Lesson Description
1 Automatic Clearing
2 Execute Recurring Entries
3 Foreign Currency Valuation
4 Enter Accrual / Deferral Document
5 Reverse Accrual / Deferral
6 Goods Received / Invoice Received Clearing
7 Reporting Customer/Vendor Balances
8 Balance Carryforward
9 Balance Carryforward (AP/AR)
10 Depreciation Run
11 Fiscal Year Change for Asset Accounting
12 Fiscal Year Close for Asset Accounting
13 Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
14 Open & Close Posting Periods



Critical Prerequisites

  • Basic SAP Skills  (SAP101)
  • Basic SAP Reporting Skills  (SAP110)

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Intermediate SAP Skills  (SAP102)
  • Intermediate SAP Reporting Skills  (SAP115)
  • A general understanding of financial accounting terms

Career Paths

This training course is included in the following SAP Career Paths:

FIGL101 - SAP General Ledger Accounting
FIAR101 - SAP Accounts Receivable Accounting
FIAP101 - SAP Accounts Payable Accounting
FIGL301 - SAP Financial Period End Closing

Student Feedback

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Level: Beginner
Duration: 29.0 hours
Type:  Simulation
Delivery: Online, self-study
Release: ECC 6.0
Category: SAP Financials
Exam:  430+ questions

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