SAP Customer Master Usage for Order-to-Cash Processes

SAP Customer Master Usage for Order-to-Cash Processes

In this course you will gain a deep understanding of how an optimized customer master supports an optimized order-to-cash process and its related business processes. Learn how to access & navigate the many screens & fields in the SAP ECC Customer Master, understand where data comes from and how it's used in the order-to-cash process.

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Course Goal

  • Become an expert in navigating the customer master views
  • Understand the tabs and fields used in SAP order-to-cash transactions
  • Become proficient in reviewing and analyzing the Customer Master in preparation for project requirements
  • Become confident in managing the SAP Customer Master
  • Develop a strong understanding of the Customer Master integration in order-to-cash/other business processes


  • Consultants
  • End users
  • Executives and Managers
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members


Lesson Plan

Introduction to Customer Management for Order to Cash
1 Welcome to the Course Preview
2 Customer Management Business Process Overview & Challenges
3 Benefits of a well defined and optimized Customer Management process
ECC Customer Master Access, Organization & Navigation
4 Customer Master Access: Overview, Menu & Transaction Access
5 Customer Master Access: Initial Screen Usage in Detail
Detailed ECC Customer Master Walkthrough
6 Customer Master Display: Section Introduction
7 Customer Master General Data Overview & Address Data
8 Customer Master Display: General Data - Control Tab
9 Customer Master Display: General Data - Payment Tab
10 Customer Master Display: General Data - Marketing Tab
11 Customer Master Display: Unloading Points & Foreign Trade Data
12 Customer Master Display: General Data Contact Persons
13 Customer Master Display: Sales Data - Sales View
14 Customer Master Display: Sales Data - Shipping View
15 Customer Master Display: Sales Data - Billing View
16 Customer Master Display: Sales Data - Partner Functions
17 Customer Master Display: Company Code Data - Account Management
18 Customer Master Display: Company Code Data - Payment Transactions
19 Customer Master Display: Company Code Data - Correspondence
20 Customer Master Display: Menus & Other
21 Customer Master: Additional Views - Company Code Insurance
ECC Customer Master Create
22 Customer Master Create: Introduction
23 Customer Master Create: Access & Navigation
24 Customer Master Create: General Data Part 1 of 2
25 Customer Master Create: General Data Part 2 of 2
26 Customer Master Create: Company Code Data
27 Customer Master Create: Sales Views
28 Create Customer: Ship-to Partner (goods recipient)
29 Customer Master Create: Payer Account (Alternate Payer)
30 Customer Master Create: Bill-to (Alternate Bill-to)
31 Create Customer: Sales Partner Account Group
32 Customer Create: With Reference
ECC Customer Master Change
33 Customer Master Change: Introduction
34 Customer Master Change: General, CoCode & Sales
35 Customer Master: Track Customer Changes
36 Customer Master: Change Account Group
Other Customer Master Functions: Contacts, Prospects & Reporting
37 Customer Master: Contacts
38 Customer Master: Sales Prospects
39 Customer Master: Reporting
Customer Master & Business Partner Usage for Order-to-Cash
40 Customer Master: Sales Order Usage
41 Customer Master: Delivery (Shipping) Integration
42 Customer Master: Invoice (Billing) Integration
Course Wrap Up & Next Steps
43 Customer Master: Wrap-up & Review
44 Customer Master: Next Steps
Bonus Section 1: Advanced Customer Master Technical Topics
45 Customer Master: Data Model
46 Customer Master: Finding Field Tech Names
47 Customer Master: Data Dictionary Implementation
48 Customer Master: Data Browser
Bonus Section 2: Customer Hierarchy Usage for Order-to-Cash
49 Customer Hierarchy Introduction
50 Customer Hierarchy Access & Navigation
51 Customer Hierarchy Detailed Walkthrough
52 Customer Hierarchy: Create Hierarchy
53 Customer Hierarchy: Change Hierarchy
54 Customer Hierarchy Node Management
55 Customer Hierarchy Table Review
56 Customer Hierarchy Order to Cash Usage
57 Customer Hierarchy Wrap-Up & Review


Devon Winters

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Devon Winters

SAP SD OTC Consultant & fan

Consultant with 20+ years of SAP software experience, helping organizations optimize and enhance their O2C/OTC (order-to-cash) processes. This includes all SAP-SD functions, as well as MM/FICO/PP, CRM, APO-gATP, AFS, IS-Retail, Warehouse, Transportation, eComm & Blockchain integration.  Industry experience in Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical, High-Tech, Bio-Chemical, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Food Processing, Textiles, HVAC, Steel, Financial, Software Development, and Media. Significant time spent in designing solutions, business process improvement,  SAP configuration, testing, training, and pre-sales.

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