SAP Training: Introduction to ABAP 7.4 in S/4HANA


Introduction to ABAP 7.4 in S/4HANA

Do HANA terminologies confuse you? Did you know, Column Store is a concept that users cannot physically see? Have you wondered, what is the INSERT only strategy or what is the difference between Eclipse & HANA Studio? In this course, we practice HANA & ABAP 7.4 syntax with practical exercises.

In this course you will learn:

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Course Goal

  • Introduce the new advancements in HANA and HANA DB
  • Provide deeper technical insight to ABAP 7.4 syntax features
  • Learn with real exercises in the SAP system


  • Consultants
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project team members

Lesson Plan

Lesson Description Preview
1 Meet your instructor Preview
2 Welcome to the Course
3 Agenda
Part I - Path to HANA
4 Path to HANA
5 Challenges in Pre-HANA Era
6 Hardware, Software & Design Issues
7 Why was BW System introduced?
8 Disadvantages of BW System
9 Advancements in HANA Era
10 Advancements in HANA Era - Continued
11 What does Column Store mean?
12 Can we visualize Col store in SE16N?
13 What is Column Store?
14 What happens behind the scene at DB level for Col store?
15 Advantages of Column Store
16 Disadvantages of Column Store
17 What is Insert Only approach in HANA?
18 How does Insert Only approach work in HANA?
19 When to choose Row Vs Column Store?
Part II - HANA Database and Tools
20 HANA DB and Tools
21 Evolution of SAP HANA
22 Why is SAP HANA called a Platform?
23 Block Diagram of SAP HANA Platform
24 Index Server - The True HANA Database
25 Where does ABAP meet HANA?
26 Introduction to HANA Development Tools
27 What is Eclipse?
28 What is HANA Studio?
29 Advantages of ADT (ABAP Development Tool)
30 Quick look into Perspectives in HANA Studio
Part III - Deep Dive into New Features & Syntaxes in SAP ABAP 7.4
31 SAP ABAP 7.4 Deep Dive
32 Inline Declaration in ABAP 7.4
33 String Literals in SELECT in ABAP 7.4
34 Comma in SELECT in ABAP 7.4
35 Concatenation using Pipe Operator in ABAP 7.4
36 Using Client instead of Client Specified in ABAP 7.4
37 Aggregate Functions using Group by Clause
38 Having Clause in ABAP 7.4
39 Arithmetic Operations during SELECT in ABAP 7.4
40 Using Ceil and Floor
41 COALESCE function in ABAP 7.4
42 Case Statement during SELECT
43 Right Outer Join possible in ABAP 7.4
44 BOOLC function in ABAP 7.4
45 ALPHA function in ABAP 7.4
46 Date Conversions in ABAP 7.4
47 VALUE Operator in ABAP 7.4
48 FOR Operator in ABAP 7.4
49 Move Corresponding with FOR & VALUE in ABAP 7.4
50 Table Operators in ABAP 7.4
51 NEW Operator for Internal Table in ABAP 7.4
52 NEW Operator for Classes in ABAP 7.4
53 Some Nuisances of ABAP 7.4
54 How ABAP 7.4 Syntax work in HANA and Non-HANA DB?
Take Away from the Course and Wrap Up
55 Course Take Away & Wrap Up
What Next? Action Plan for the Participants
56 What Next for the Participants?
ABAP 7.4 Code Snippets from the Course
57 ABAP 7.4 Snippets in Txt Format
58 ABAP 7.4 Snippets in PDF Format
Course Hand Out PDF
59 Introduction to ABAP 7.4 in S/4HANA


Raju Shrestha

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Houston, TX, US

Raju is the founder of the popular SAP Technical knowledge sharing site He is an ABAP Consultant with more than 12 years of experience, who has helped clients in Automation, Heavy Machinery, Pharma, and Energy Industries. Groomed and Trained by the Big Blue i.e. IBM, where he served 8 years in different capacities viz Application Programmer, System Engineer, Team Lead and Advisory System Associate. Part of the Innovation Team who developed Automation Tools and Products. Official trainer at IBM Learning and Knowledge (L&K) Department. He is an enthusiast in SAP HANA, Odata and SAP Netweaver Gateway with a special interest in SAPUI5 and Fiori.

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Level: Beginner
Duration: 4.00 hours
Type:  Instructor-led
Delivery: Online, instructor-led
Release: S/4 HANA
Category: SAP Basis, HANA & Winshuttle Tools

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