SAP Training: Essential SAP Skills

Essential SAP Skills

This combo course package is designed for SAP beginners and teaches essential skills for the SAP system, including navigation, basic master data and transaction processing, intro to configuration and reporting skills. After you have completed this course package you will be comfortable working with the basics of the SAP system.

In this course you will learn:

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Course Goal

  • Learn the basics of the SAP system with hands-on exercises
  • Learn how to navigate, search, print and get help in SAP
  • Work with master data and transactions
  • Introduction to configuration
  • Learn basic and advanced reporting skills


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Lesson Plan

SAP101 - Basic SAP Skills

Lesson Description
1 SAP Graphical User Interface
2 Navigating SAP using the menu tree
3 Searching the SAP menu tree
4 Navigating SAP via transaction codes
5 User menu, Favorites & User Settings
6 Search help in SAP transactions & SAP Library
7 Printing in SAP
8 Basic Reporting
9 SAP Module Overview
10 Business Workplace
11 Working with Master Data - Create Vendor
12 Working with Master Data - Create Contract
13 Posting Transactions - Customer Invoice
14 Posting Transactions - Goods Receipt
15 Running Reports - Customer Balances
16 Running Reports - Stock Overview


CON101 - Introduction to SAP Configuration

Lesson Description
1 Configuration / Implementation Guide overview
2 Project Administration - Create new Project
3 Project Administration - Project Details
4 Project Administration - Project Views
5 Working with the IMG
6 Project Analysis


SAP115 - Intermediate SAP Reporting Skills

Lesson Description
1 Working with Layouts
2 Drill-down
3 Downloading SAP Reports
4 Printing (to spool)
5 Emailing/sharing reports
6 PDF conversion
7 Data Browser
8 Running reports in Background


SAP110 - Basic SAP Reporting Skills

Lesson Description
1 Basic selection criteria
2 Advanced & Dynamic selections
3 Reporting variants
4 Sorting
5 Subtotals
6 Filtering
7 Printing (directly)


SAP102 - Intermediate SAP Skills

Lesson Description
1 Common icons in SAP transactions
2 Working with the clipboard
3 Working with multiple sessions
4 Customize local layout options
5 Customize local layout - design settings
6 Desktop shortcuts
7 User Profile - Parameter IDs
8 User Profile - Own data
9 Services - Job overview
10 Batch input sessions
11 System status
12 Settings/Start transactions


Career Paths

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Language: English
Level: Beginner
Duration: 24.5 hours
Type:  Simulation
Delivery: Online, self-study
Release: ECC 6.0
Category: Essential SAP Skills
Exam:  300+ questions

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This SAP training has improved my knowledge and all these certifications have made my resume look very impressive.
-Pallavi  M.
SAP MM Functional Consultant
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