Business Rule Framework (BRF+) Introduction

Business Rule Framework (BRF+) Introduction

Do you want to deploy new SAP functionality better, faster and cheaper? Do you want your on-premise ECC or S/4 HANA system to become more stable, reliable and flexible? In this course, we learn the SAP in-house Rapid Application Development tool Business Rule Framework (BRF+) and show you how to integrate this NetWeaver tool in an agile or waterfall driven project.

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Course Goal

  • Learn the basics of Rapid Application Development RAD
  • Discover how to integrate Rapid Application Development RAD within waterfall/agile projects
  • Use Business Rule Framework BRF+ as a tool for Rapid Application Development RAD
  • Realise how BRF+ increases productivity/collaboration/quality and reduces deployment lead time


  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project team members
  • Project Managers



Isard Haasakker

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Isard Haasakker


Proactive SAP solution architect. Fixer-upper, achiever, author, blogger and lecturer. Specialised in all-in-one SAP consultancy to solve specific urgent needs from clients to improve their SAP system related to Supply Chain Management and its master data. Replace custom-built functionality that is not fit for purpose with SAP approved custom code that is more stable and easier to maintain and faster to adjust.

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