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Stop Falling into Resume Gaps

Here at Michael Management, we get a lot of questions through our chat, info box and email. Many people looking for SAP Training are improving their resumes and seeking better opportunities. We found great guest bloggers to help give our students advice. Here are some great tips from Jacob Share on how to manage gaps in your resume.


You can't fill in employment gaps on your resume without lying, so do this instead.

Need ...

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Savvy professionals need SAP training

If you want to stay relevant as a technically savvy professional, you need continuing SAP training.



Because SAP is the 500-pound gorilla of ERP software. According to SAP they have over 350,000 customers in 180 countries and 15,000 partner companies worldwide. 87% of Forbes Global 2000 are SAP customers. There you go. Odds are high that you are going to be working for a company that has SAP.

  Are ...

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SAP purchase order assigned to an asset.

SAP S/4HANA Finance (formerly SAP Simple Finance) comes with a lot of features, such as the universal journal, streamlined design, and real-time analytics. The new SAP Asset Accounting (FI-AA) module is one example of a financial module that has been redesigned in the S/4HANA suite to increase process efficiencies across the life cycle of an asset. Additional advantages of migrating to new FI-AA in SAP S/4 HANA are listed below: Due to the ...

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What it takes to get SAP Certified

YES! You made the decision. You are going to get your SAP training on and finally get certified. So, now what? Below we will cover the steps necessary to get certified in SAP. Don’t worry, I got you.



  Start where you are

You want to start your SAP training and you want to make the most of it by training for a certificate. But, which one? The first step to determining what certificate will work ...

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SAP Training Where Personal Work Interests Intersect Lubomir Kuznik

People around the world seek out SAP training for a variety of reasons. Companies need to get their employees quickly up to speed on SAP software, while individuals want to expand and certify their SAP knowledge. For Lubomir Kuznik, taking Michael Management SAP training is primarily about furthering his own career development, but he’s also been able to share what he’s learned with his work colleagues.


Based ...

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5 signs your company is in the dark ages

One of our vendors recently asked us to fax a form to them to begin their SAP Training … really, a fax? So I started thinking, what are the signs that a company has not kept up with times and is stuck in the dark ages?

If you are guilty of any of these fives things, it’s time to move forward. Immediately. It’s not just about productivity, it’s about keeping your pulse on how people do business and what is important ...

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By now most of you have heard of the SAP indirect access case. And you know the result. In -->SAP and Diageo Great Brittan Limited, Diageo was found liable for indirect access through Salesforce. Our SAP Access customers are certainly concerned about this issue. Let’s take a look.


The court said in part, “The plain and obvious meaning of the above provisions is that only Named Users are authorised to use or ...

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How we use our own SAP training

I like companies that ‘eat their own dog food’…in other words, companies that use their own products or services in their daily business operations. That’s why it’s important for us, that we use our own SAP training courses to learn basic SAP skills and new SAP tips & tricks. We also use our own training platform to constantly improve its functionality and usability.

  Basic SAP Skills


For ...

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Exceptional EPM/CPM Systems are an Exception

Quite naturally, many organizations over-rate the quality of their enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM/CPM) practices and systems. The same thing tends to happen when companies rate their in-house SAP training. In reality they lack in being comprehensive and how integrated they are. For example, when you ask executives how well they measure and report either costs or non-financial performance measures, most proudly boast that ...

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It is not an urban legend. Your future employers will look at your social media profiles. Not only is it important to clean up your image, but to add to it as well. Last week SAP Expert John Reed shared his thoughts on how to showcase your SAP skills. It is important that you take the time to improve your on-line persona before you start looking for your next position. In this article, we will cover several platforms and give you some important ...

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5 Steps to a Successful ERP Implementation

It is time to consider a new ERP system for your organization. And it's your job to make sure it comes off successfully. These tips will help you pull together a seamless implementation. You will learn how to define your scope, include the right people in your process, why ERP training matters and more.    1.      Define the Scope

Before you begin any other aspect of your ERP implementation, ...

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Rob Latham SAP Training Instructor

Meet Michael Management instructor Rob Leathem, an SAP certified professional with 17 years’ international ERP experience. Rob specializes in the SAP Financials & Controlling (FICO) modules. You may already have taken one of the SAP courses Rob created for Michael Management. In his courses, Rob makes use of his SAP career experience which has taken him all over the world and across multiple industries including high-tech, ...

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3 Things That Really Matter for Skills Training Success

We know a thing or two about training. Our experience in delivering SAP Training for 17 years has shown us what successful training looks like.

Are you measuring the right things? Are your employee students engaged? Are they learning? What should you be looking for in determining a successful training? Here are three things that really matter no matter in skills training. (Not just SAP training)

  Wrong idea #1 – ...

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SAP expert Jon Reed shares insights on how to present your SAP training skills

Congratulations, you’ve done the tough part. You’ve taken one or more SAP training courses, you’ve set aside time to study, and you’ve passed the test and gained a certification. Well done! Now, you’re looking to reap the rewards of all that hard work—a new job, fresh responsibilities, or a promotion. But one question’s puzzling you: How do you best highlight your newly minted SAP skills?

Independent ...

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A list of all SAP transaction codes

Our customer service team was just asked if we had an ‘SAP transaction code reference list’…hmmm, that made me think a little. I have been in the SAP world for over 20 years now and I admit, I didn’t really know how many SAP transaction codes there are – but I knew there are A LOT of them. So I wanted to find out and share a list of all Tcodes with you.

To be clear: a transaction code in SAP is a shortcut ...

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The SAP GUI menu is back in Fiori 2.0

Together with S/4HANA 1610, SAP Fiori 2.0 has been launched. Fiori 2.0 is SAP’s latest iterations of the SAP Fiori design language. Next to the fact that it looks better and there are much more apps available compared to Fiori 1.0, the most important revolution in my opinion is that we now have a harmonized user experience across all application components. 

In this blog I will share my experience and challenges with Fiori ...

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5 tips for a successful SAP training program

As if designing and deploying a comprehensive software training program isn’t challenging enough, creating such a program for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation provides its own unique and additional problems. We have worked with some of the most successful companies in the world and have created hundreds of training programs. Based on our experience we have compiled this list of five tips to make your job ...

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4 Regrets About SAP Training

It’s surprisingly easy to be smart after the fact. Unfortunately, when it comes to providing employees with effective SAP training, organizations all too often end up learning lessons the hard way. Only with the benefit of hindsight, do they realize they have significantly underestimated both the timing for and the amount of education their staff require to perform their jobs effectively.

How do I know this? As a long-time technology ...

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Thomas Michael Michael Management SAP Training

You have two employees that do X, and now you’re hiring a third. It only seems logical that one of the current employees would train the new one—right? This is a common practice in corporate America. Sometimes called “buddy training” or “peer-to-peer training” or sometimes with no name at all, just a seemingly accepted standard mode of operation.


The ugly truth is that this practice ...

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Lindsay Holland SAP Training

Lindsay Holland is currently a SAP Procurement Professional with OpenText with eight years of experience in diverse industries. She is currently engaged in global SAP implementation as P2P SME. Lindsay has given MMC some feedback about our courses from her vantage point as an SAP professional.

Thank you for your time Lindsay. When considering your SAP training; did you consider any other training?

Yes, we also had training directly ...

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