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Recursive method call contains errors

Message type: E = Error

Message class: /PM0/ABX_DCFILL - Message Class for Data Container Filler (REDO)

Message number: 005

Message text: Recursive method call contains errors

What causes this issue?

A recursive method call was executed multiple times, resulting in what
appears to be an endless loop or a process standstill.

System Response

The changes for the current application (policy) will be discarded.

How to fix this error?

If this is a policy with a postdated application, you can refuse the
application and enter a new one.
Otherwise, contact your technical support or SAP.

Procedure for System Administrators

Check for unpermitted changes to the filler context data.
The relevant technical objects are the interface
/PM0/IF_ABP_BCA_FILLER_CTX and the method calls of
/PM0/IF_ABP_BCA_APPL_CTX~FINISH in combination with the ABAP statement
Check the content of table /PM0/ABDAPOXML (APPL_ID contains the policy
or contract number, POTYPE_ID = 'FILLER').

Error message extract from SAP system. Copyright SAP SE.