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Displaying intersection of layout &1 and classification

Message type: E = Error

Message class: IH - structuring

Message number: 145

Message text: Displaying intersection of layout &1 and classification

What causes this issue?

You want to display characteristics for technical objects in
single-level list editing. You have selected some objects in the list a
nd have switched on the display of characteristics by choosing <ZK>
Settings</> -> <ZK>Show/Hide Classification</>. You have selected more
than one class in the selection dialog box.
In layout management, you have saved layout &V1& as the default layout.
In so doing, you have specified that when you select more than one class
the system displays the classification characteristics as defined in
layout &V1&.

System Response

The system only displays classification characteristics if they not only
belong to the selected classes but also are part of layout &V1&. If
there are no characteristics that are shared by one of the selected
classes and by layout &V1&, the system does not display any
characteristics at all.

Procedure for System Administrators

The system issues an error message and will not allow you to continue with this transaction until the error is resolved.

Dieser Text wurde durch den Report NOTE_1660849 (Hinweis 1660849)

Error message extract from SAP system. Copyright SAP SE.