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Operative posting status char. is not filled in the parallel val. area

Message type: E = Error

Message class: FTI - Treasury Information System

Message number: 050

Message text: Operative posting status char. is not filled in the parallel val. area

What causes this issue?

In the <ZH>operational valuation area</>, the drilldown report types
CFM operational/parallel: Related to time period
CFM operational/parallel: Revenue reporting
and the logical databases
have the <ZU>'Posting status operational'</> characteristic, with the
following possible values:
<ZK>0 Locked to posting (not security)</>
<ZK>1 Earmarked for posting (not security)</>
<ZK>2 Posting carried out</>
<ZK>3 Flagged for reversal (not security)</>
<ZK>4 Posting reversed (not security)</>
<ZK>5 Planned</>
The <ZU>'Posting status parallel' </> characteristic is always blank.
In the <ZH>parallel valuation areas</> the opposite is true for the
same report types and logical databases:
The <ZU>'Posting status operational'</> indicator is always blank.
The <ZU>'Posting status parallel'</> characteristic has these possible
<ZK>F Posting carried out</>
<ZK>P Planned</>
<ZK>R Reversed</>

System Response

Making a characteristic restriction of one of the above characteristics
has the result that flows of the operational or parallel valuation
areas are excluded from the hit list, and are therefore not displayed.
For example, if you make a global restriction of the 'Posting status
operational' characteristic, to a value other than initial, then you
will not see any flows at all from the parallel books in the display,
since 'Posting status operational' is always initial for parallel
On the other hand, if you globally restrict the 'Posting status
parallel' characteristic to a value other than initial, then you will
not be able to see any flows from the operational valuation area, since
the status for these is always initial.

How to fix this error?

Restrict the drilldown, for time-oriented reports, to only those
statuses that are supported in the given ase. In the form, you also
have the option of entering different limitations in different
different columns.
Example: You want to select only posted flows. Then define two columns
with the following restrictions:
Valuation area = '001', 'Posting status operational' = '2'.
Valuation area = '002', 'Posting status parallel' = 'F'.

The system issues an error message and will not allow you to continue with this transaction until the error is resolved.

You can use the <DS:TRAN.TRMS_EXTENDED>Display report types</>
transaction to get an overview of the completion of fields.

Procedure for System Administrators

Error message extract from SAP system. Copyright SAP SE.