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Currency translation type &1 is not permitted here

Message type: E = Error

Message class: FTI - Treasury Information System

Message number: 025

Message text: Currency translation type &1 is not permitted here

What causes this issue?

The currency translation type cannot be used for this report for one of
the following reasons:
The translation type contains an explicit target currency. This is not
permitted because the system translates the amounts into the display
currency that has been specified for the form or report.
The translation type was defined for a different report type and is not
suitable here (in particular if the translation type has a variable
translation date).

System Response

Processing is terminated.

How to fix this error?

Enter a suitable translation type. Use the F4 Help function to see the
possible entries.
If the possible entries are not sufficient, define additional
translation types using the transaction <DS:TRAN.TRMW>Maintain Currency
Translation Type</>. You may need to transport the new currency
translation types.
Also check whether you have imported all the currency translation types
provided by SAP from your delivery client to your working client. You
can do this in View V_T242Q (transaction SM30).

Error message extract from SAP system. Copyright SAP SE.