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Revisions of regulatory list &1 do not match

Message type: E = Error

Message class: CM_EHPRC_IMPORT -

Message number: 005

Message text: Revisions of regulatory list &1 do not match

What causes this issue?

The revisions of the regulatory list &v1& differ between <LS>Product
Compliance for Discrete Industries</> and <LS>SAP Product Stewardship
<LS>Product Compliance for Discrete Industries</> uses revision &v2&.
<LS>SAP Product Stewardship Network </>uses revision &v3&.

System Response

The import continues. The system copies the declarable substances of the
component that exist in <LS>SAP Product Stewardship Network</> to the
compliance requirement revision in <LS>Product Compliance for Discrete
Industries</>, even if the revisions of the regulatory lists differ.
The check that is executed automatically during the import uses these
copied declarable substances. The check compares the amount of the
declarable substances given in <LS>SAP Product Stewardship Network</>
with the allowed thresholds of the listed substances in <LS>Product
Compliance for Discrete Industries</>.
Be aware: If the regulatory lists have different thresholds due to the
different revisions, the compliance status may differ between the two

How to fix this error?

Ask your system administrator to update to the newest regulatory list

Procedure for System Administrators

Update to the newest regulatory list revision.

Error message extract from SAP system. Copyright SAP SE.