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No errors found

Message type: E = Error

Message class: BRF - Messages for Business Rule Framework

Message number: 262

Message text: No errors found

What causes this issue?

The system was unable to find any error in the corresponding BRF object.
<ZH>Note</>: The system only finds errors for which a search is also
made in the corresponding maintenance classes. In the scope of
corrections, it is possible to include additional checks that examine
constellations not previously considered and possibly to find errors
there that had not previously been found.

System Response

The system issues an error message and will not allow you to continue with this transaction until the error is resolved.

How to fix this error?

Perform the BRF overall check at regular intervals. An example of a
suitable point in time is after a BRF support package (SAB_BASIS) or a
support package of the application has been imported.
For more information, see the application help for the BRF under
<ZK>Business Rule Framework (BRF) -> Working with the BRF -> Additional
Functions for Using BRF Objects -> Check on BRF Objects of an
Application Class</>.

Procedure for System Administrators

Error message extract from SAP system. Copyright SAP SE.