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Duplicate technical name (mapname) &1 exists in &2 and &3.

Message type: E = Error

Message class: BRAIN_DEV - BRAIN messages (for use by development)

Message number: 700

Message text: Duplicate technical name (mapname) &1 exists in &2 and &3.

What causes this issue?

Several structure elements or cells in the query have the identical
technical name (mapname). The technical name can be used to address
structure members in SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office with the Excel
function SAPGetData.
If a selection only consists of a reusable key figure (calculated key
figure or restricted key figure), the system automatically derives the
technical name for the selection from the key figure if there are no
further filters in this selection.

System Response

The query can be generated and executed. If the Excel function
SAPGetData is used in SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office, it is not clear
which structure member is addressed.

How to fix this error?

You can ignore the warning if you do not plan to use SAP Analysis for
Microsoft Office in the manner described. Otherwise<(>,<)> choose
different technical names for the structure members mentioned. Maybe you
even have to explicitly specify a technical name if the technical name
has previously been derived from the underlying key figure.

Procedure for System Administrators

The system issues an error message and will not allow you to continue with this transaction until the error is resolved.

Error message extract from SAP system. Copyright SAP SE.