Product info: SAP Training Subscription - Corporate
SAP Training Subscription - Corporate


SAP Training Subscription - Corporate

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Companies all over the world can use our Corporate SAP Training Subscription to train their teams on important SAP know-how whenever they need to. 

Our extensive SAP training catalog includes:

- Hands-on courses to learn SAP quickly with a true learning-by-doing experience

- Skill assessments, quizzes and exams to measure student progress over time

- Career paths to guide students to master their job role.

Renews annually. Membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to entire SAP course library
  • 50+ Learning Paths
  • 30+ Skill Assessments
  • Cloud-based learning platform
  • Final certification exams
  • 20% discount on annual SAP access subscriptions


Length: 1-year subscription.


I enjoyed the training program at MMC because I learn best when it`s hands on. The courses are user friendly, easy to navigate through, & affordable. I would use this service again!

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