Dedicated SAP Access (3 months)

Dedicated SAP Access (3 months)


Category: SAPAccess

Length: Quarterly subscription renews automatically. Cancel anytime.

Product Detail:

The Dedicated SAP Access subscription is for organizations that want their own private SAP access without having to share it with other students and without the hassles of owning or operating an SAP system. It includes:

  • Up to 5 SAP user IDs (incl. 1 Developer ID) in ERP/ECC 6.0
  • Full access to all end-user and configuration transactions (except for system administration)
  • Sample configuration, master data and transactions
  • Set up your own configuration or scenarios without having to worry that someone else change/delete your settings
  • Play & practice as much as you want
  • Additional user IDs available*
  • OSS access available*

If you are a serious SAP organization and need to have your own system this is the subscription for you.

*Additional fee applies.


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SAP Student testimonial
I have enjoyed your SAP access and it has been very reliable and performance was very good.
-Bob  C.
Supply Chain Optimization and Predictive Analytics