SAP Advanced Web Application Designer


SAP Advanced Web Application Designer

Category: Training Course

Learn to build applications that make businesses more efficient and productive. Be the SAP Consultant Fortune 500 companies seek. This course will teach you advanced functions of SAP's Web App Designer, a vital tool for all working with SAP BI.

Course Goal
  • Use advanced configuration options to enhance web applications
  • Enable dynamic customization of reports at runtime
  • Modify the layout of web items with advanced techniques
  • Display data graphically with charts and graphs
  • Incorporate multiple queries into web applications
  • Create sequences that execute several commands with one click

Length: Approx. 8 hours, study guide for each lesson, additional SAP documentation and email support


MMC`s training lessons are phenomenal & staff support is outstanding! I highly recommend it, it`s a great place to advance your SAP skills.

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