SAP Sales Professional

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Fundamental skills

Lay the foundation for your learning path with these fundamental skills courses to better understand the core curriculum below.

SAP S/4 HANA - Basic Navigation

  • 3h
  • Beginner
 4.4 (442)

SAP S/4 HANA - Intermediate SAP Skills

  • 5h
  • Beginner
 4.5 (224)

SAP S/4 HANA - Basic Reporting Skills

  • 3.5h
  • Beginner
 4.5 (241)

Core curriculum

Complete these in-depth skills courses for your learning path to earn your certification badge.

SAP CRM - Sales Professional

  • 6.5h
  • Beginner
 4.5 (2)

SAP CRM - Sales Manager

  • 3h
  • Beginner
 4.7 (3)

CRM Marketing Resource Management

  • 1h
  • Intermediate
 4.0 (3)


Complete the courses above and earn this Professional Certification:

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SAP Sales Professional

Expand Your Skills

Take these expanded skills courses to stay up-to-date with your learning path and continue to earn skill points and certificates.

The Basics of Logistics

  • 1h
  • Beginner
 5.0 (2)

Long Term Agreements in SAP Procurement

  • 2h
  • Intermediate
 5.0 (1)

About Path

SAP Sales Professional

SAP CRM Business user

Advance your career as a Sales Professional working in the SAP CRM system. This career path will cover everything from creating activities and setting up opportunities to creating quotations and sales orders and running important sales metrics reports.

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