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More than 25 years of experience in educating innovation and new technology to a broad audience. I have a Master of Science Degree from the Technical University Twente in the field of Human Resource Development, and post-doctoral education in Strategic HR-Business Management. My Blockchain Projects, among others: - Dutch Blockchain Coalition, researching and developing educational programs to prepare the Dutch business and society for Blockchain technology; - developing and providing Blockchain training worldwide - Field Labs Blockchain: expert. Member of EU Commission Blockchain Observatory & Forum on Use Cases and Transition Scenarios.  Member of NEN-ISO Blockchain & DLT, Linking Pin Use Cases, Advisor Strategic Business Plan Helping Business Leaders worldwide with the transition to a new digital society. My focus is on Blockchain technology and its impact on business and society.

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Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain Fundamentals

Have you heard of Blockchain technology? Its a complex technology used worldwide and it is still und...


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Oona Flanagan
Oona Flanagan

This course was brilliant. It was very interesting and easy to understand. Although i have taken blockchain courses before and expected it just to be a quick review, I found myself really listening to it and gaining a much better understanding. i would definitely recommend this course and will certainly look out for the next ones.

Michael Wise
Michael Wise

Great introductory explanation of what Blockchain is

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