The perfect place to start your journey learning SAP. In this live, 1-day course you will learn the fundamentals needed to become a successful SAP professional. This instructor-led course provides an overview of SAP and common modules, helps you understand basic navigation, major business processes and modules, and common reporting features you may use.

SAP Fundamentals & Business Process Overview

Oct 14, 2020Send via email
Nov 12, 2020Send via email

The course covers the following topics:
  • Overview of SAP and common modules
  • Basic SAP navigation
  • Common reporting features
  • Organizational data, master data and transactions
  • Main SAP business processes, including:
    • Order-to-Cash
    • Purchase-to-Pay
    • Record-to-Report
What's included:
  • Live instructor
  • Interactive sessions
  • Live access to SAP system
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Q&A session
  • Student handbook

After this course:
  • Understand which modules are common across different industries
  • Login and navigate around the SAP system
  • Execute common and standard SAP transactions within each of the common functional modules
  • Execute common and standard SAP queries
This course will prepare you for:
  • More specific and targeted SAP training, as this course is a great introduction to set the groundwork and provide basic knowledge of SAP

We could go on and on about the success our customers have had with our SAP training solution – but then again, our customers can do that so much better!