Customer Success Story
Lennox Industries

Lennox Industries decided to partner with Michael Management for their SAP training.

This approach was fundamentally problematic due to the time that existing employees had to spend training new employees instead of working on their core responsibilities. Jaci Tomkinson, Process Improvement Instructional Trainer at Lennox Industries, estimates employees were spending upwards of 20 hours a week training coworkers on SAP.

“We thought that there had to be a better way to teach something a bit more accurately or give people hands on training without tying up another resource,” shared Jaci.

Lennox decided to seek out a resource capable of providing SAP training system that was easy and convenient for employees without demanding a significant time commitment from those already trained in the software.

One of the main reasons they chose Michael Management was the convenience of having an online portal. “We found it and realized that it was a good way to not have to send people off to a class; they could do it on their own time. They could do SAP training during work or after work,” Jaci explained.

Perhaps the biggest payoff of Michael Management has been the increased confidence Lennox employees have in using SAP.

“People are now more comfortable going into SAP,” said Jaci. “Before, they were scared to touch anything for fear of breaking something inside the system. It has empowered people, given them more confidence.


Process Improvement Instructional Trainer
Lennox Industries

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