Business Flex Card

Purchase a Business Flex Card and use it for any of our SAP training and access products.

A Flexible Investment For Your SAP Training Program

The Business Flex Card works like a prepaid debit card with a built-in bonus amount to increase your purchasing power. The more you invest, the bigger your bonus amount.

Use the card number like you would use a regular credit card to purchase any of the following:

  • Individual training courses and learning paths
  • Unlimited individual training subscription
  • SAP skill assessments
  • Dedicated live SAP access

Purchase A Business Flex Card

Please Select your investment level and bonus amount to get started. The card number will be generated and ready for use immediately. Business Flex Cards are valid for 1 full year.

Purchase Price (You Pay) Bonus Amount Card Value (You Get)
$10,000 $2,000 (20%) $12,000 Add to cart
$20,000 $5,000 (25%) $25,000 Add to cart

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Business Flex Card from Michael Management?

The BFC is a prepaid purchasing card that you can use to pay for our SAP training and live SAP access services. Purchase a BFC and then use it like you would use a regular credit card on our website to pay for SAP courses, unlimited SAP training subscriptions or SAP access subscriptions.

How does the Business Flex Card work?

The BFC is available on our website in denominations of $10,000, $20,000 or higher. Depending on what level you purchase, you will earn a spending bonus between 20% - 25%. Immediately after your purchase you will receive the BFC number that you can use like a credit card number on our website to pay.

How long is the Business Flex Card valid?

The BFC is valid for 1 full year from the date of purchase. You can use the card to make purchases on our website throughout this year and each training subscription you purchase will be valid for 1 year from that purchase date forward.