Man learning SAP
12/16/2019  by Thomas Michael Posted in  SAP

It’s that time of year again…the year is almost over and we’re busy wrapping up things, reviewing our goals, assessing progress on plans and milestones. Most importantly, we look at all the students’ activity throughout the year. What have the 1000s of SAP professionals focused their time on? Over 30,000 SAP learners from 120+ countries have completed almost 500,000 training sessions on our platform so far. What did your ...

man with headphones
12/2/2019  by Claire Albaum Posted in  SAP

Microlearning has received a lot of buzz and praise in the last few years as being the future of online training. Microlearning is a form of eLearning that offers bite-sized trainings in a concise, focused and efficient manner. It’s no wonder that companies are realizing that microlearning is the most effective way to train employees (especially Millennial employees). Employees no longer tolerate long, boring classroom trainings. ...

11/4/2019  by Claire Albaum Posted in  SAP

So, you’ve heard that SAP is a good career choice, with a plethora of opportunities and a competitive salary. Where do you start? Obviously, we believe that our SAP training is the most affordable and comprehensive within the online SAP training space, but we know that not everyone is ready to pay for SAP training in the very beginning of their SAP journey. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you need SAP training and ...

SAP error message
10/8/2019  by Thomas Michael
Posted in SAP

If you have been working with SAP for more than a few weeks you know that sooner or later, you will ...

people learning SAP
9/16/2019  by Amy ODonnell
Posted in SAP

Congratulations—you’ve decided to advance your career and begin learning SAP. Obviously, ...

Picture of a window
8/27/2019  by Oscar Perez
Posted in SAP

In this article my aim is to answer several questions about SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management). First ...

Picture of Computer
8/22/2019  by Pramod Bangalore
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The end goal of any organization is to maximize the selling of their products to customers. Effective ...

Picture of MMC Instructor Gary Cokins
8/15/2019  by Gary Cokins
Posted in SAP

How many people in your organization love the annual budgeting process? Probably none. The mere ...

Picture of MMC Instructor Yoann Bierling
5/20/2019  by Yoann Bierling
Posted in SAP

What is the Plan-Buy-Pay Process? The Plan-Buy-Pay process, which is the basic concept behind the ...

Picture of author and MMC instructor Yoann Bierling
5/9/2019  by Yoann Bierling
Posted in SAP

The operational procurement process is what allows a professional organization to perform purchases, ...

Picture of MMC Instructor Gary Cokins
4/8/2019  by Gary Cokins
Posted in SAP

Are All of Your Customers Profitable to You? The only value a company will ever create for its shareholders ...

SAP GUI icon
8/1/2018  by Thomas Michael
Posted in SAP

What is the SAP GUI? The SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a software program on your computer ...

Joel Mendoza Top SAP Student
7/9/2018  by Benjamin Heyworth
Posted in SAP

Last week I spoke with Joel Mendoza, a busy IT Manager living in Los Angeles, California. He has ...

SAP student profile
3/15/2018  by Amy ODonnell
Posted in SAP

Are you thinking about improving and furthering your SAP skills, getting certified in SAP and advancing ...

SAP S/4 HANA Roadmap update from Carl Dubler
3/1/2018  by Michael Management
Posted in SAP

We recently hosted a webinar with Carl Dubler, the Senior Director of Product Marketing at SAP. Carl ...

SAP S4HANA features and benefits
2/25/2018  by Amy ODonnell
Posted in SAP

Are you on the fence about upgrading to S/4 HANA? More than 291,000 companies are using SAP, and ...

SAP Material Ledger explained by Paul Ovigele
2/15/2018  by Paul Ovigele
Posted in SAP

If you use SAP Material Ledger’s Actual Costing, then you would know that the Post Closing ...

SAP S4 HANA version
2/12/2018  by Ugur Hasdemir
Posted in SAP

After a great holiday season it’s time to continue writing and sharing great insides about S/4HANA ...

What is SAP
2/9/2018  by Amy ODonnell
Posted in SAP

Have you encountered job listings asking for SAP experience, but you don’t know what it is? Did ...

SAP Simplified - An intern learns SAP
2/6/2018  by Abdullah Chowdhury
Posted in SAP

If you’re reading this then you at least know the difference between SAP and sap. I won’t ...

All new SAP S/4 HANA transaction codes
12/21/2017  by Thomas Michael
Posted in SAP

A few months ago, we received a live chat on our website asking if we had a list of all SAP transaction ...