4 out of 10 SAP professionals report insufficient trainingIt’s 4pm and Joseph still hasn’t finished his projects. Ever since he started he’s been behind, pushing back deadlines and generally lagging. Initially you thought it was normal adjusting to a new role, but after five months you’re beginning to wonder if he needs to take a few SAP courses.

Well, we don’t know Joseph, but we do have some numbers that might shed light on the situation. The annual SAP Training Survey 2015 recorded responses from 1,430 SAP professionals including end users, business/IT analysts, consultants, managers, executives, and developers. If someone uses SAP at some point during the day, they’re represented.

We asked our respondents how much training they received in the last year, and how much training they thought they needed to perform their job duties. You might think to yourself, ‘They got the job, didn’t they? Surely they are adequately trained.’ Think again.

In the last 12 months, over half of the SAP professionals (57%) report they received under 10 hours of training. Most of those SAP professionals (34%) received no training at all.

This might not be as much of an issue if it weren’t for 60% of SAP professionals saying they should have received at least 21 hours of SAP training to be capable of doing their job. Half of those say they should have received 41+ hours of training.

Bear in mind, this wasn’t simply a matter of professional development where people might want to move up the ladder. This is training they think they should have received to be “capable to do [their] job.” When over half of SAP professionals say they didn’t receive enough training to get through their day, you start to think maybe Joseph needs a little help.

After looking at the numbers, try to cut Joseph some slack. See if he needs some additional SAP training. Because, truthfully, most of us do.

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