Interview with SAP Functional Specialist Christopher LallisWe had the opportunity to talk with one of our SAP students from across the pond, SAP Functional Specialist at R. Twining & Company Limited, Christopher Lallis. As an experienced SAP professional, we were thrilled to hear his take on SAP training.

Why do you need SAP training?

My company is replacing three independent ERP systems with a single instance SAP system. I needed new SAP knowledge to be part of the new system.

Internal changes happen all the time, don’t they? What training options did you consider?

I studied the full spectrum of available routes from Boot Camp, to formal class lead instructor training, and eLearning. I needed a broad range of SAP knowledge and a mechanism to learn around my daily work schedule.

The flexibility of SAP online training is definitely convenient compared to classroom training. How did the training benefit you?

In addition to the eLearning modules, I found it particularly useful to subscribe to an MMC sandpit system. This gave me the opportunity to experiment with other options discovered while using the eLearning material. The MMC training got me up to speed very quickly, and I found the learning experience stimulating. It certainly gave me the impetus to drive deeply into the SAP operating system.

That’s fantastic! We love to hear that our students get their SAP certification feeling confident in their skills. There are lot of SAP training options out there. What made you settle on Michael Management Corporation (MMC) training?

After much research MMC came out for me as a clear leader. They had the variety of courses I needed had for me the best structure, content and delivery method. I particularly liked the level of detail used—enough to explain core principles and useful insights into where to look for other configuration settings or complimentary SAP transactions.

Wrapping up here, is there any advice you’d like to give new SAP students?

Think through what you need. Students remember a good teacher/training for the rest of their lives, MMC training is an investment for the future.

Absolutely. Adding to your professional brand with proof of your SAP Skills is one of the most popular reasons for getting SAP training. Thank you so much for your time, Christopher!

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