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Becoming an SAP professional can lead to some of the most rewarding careers for ambitious and tech-savvy individuals. But SAP covers a broad spectrum of career options ranging from standard business needs to cutting-edge technology.

So what should you choose if you want to embark on a rewarding, fulfilling, and satisfying career path in SAP? In this blog, we’ll list out the top five SAP training career paths so you can determine the one that’s the best fit for you.

To start, we’ll cover the important information you need to know before you even jump into an SAP career path — essential SAP skills.


1. Essential SAP Skills

SAP can lead to a rewarding and fulfilling career. It also has a learning curve for new people who are interested in pursuing those careers. That’s why we’re starting this list of careers with essential SAP skills. These skills aren’t necessarily tied to a career, but they’re essential to fulfilling the requirements of every career on this list. Without essential skills, you’ll have a much more challenging time learning your chosen SAP career path.

To learn more, visit our page on essential SAP skills and learn SAP basics.


2. SAP Finance Consultant

What Is an SAP Finance Consultant?

An SAP finance consultant is responsible for implementing and configuring the SAP FI module, which stores the financial data of an organization securely. Day-to-day tasks of the SAP financial consultant include analyzing the financial conditions of a company and comparing them against the broader conditions of that company’s market (or even the market as a whole).

The power of an SAP finance consultant comes from his or her ability to take complex financial scenarios and understand them. In some companies, they may also be required to report on that information in a way that allows others in the company to understand it — even those who aren’t finance-savvy.

How Do You Become an SAP Finance Consultant?

The first step in becoming an SAP finance consultant is to learn the fundamental skills that can help you succeed in SAP software. Then, it’s a matter of digging into the exact skills that will help you become a better consultant. These include topics like general ledger accounting, accounts payable, general configuration, and more.

While it can take significant time to become proficient in all of these skills, they’re essential to starting on the path to becoming an SAP finance consultant.

To learn more, visit our SAP finance consultant learning path.


3. SAP Materials Management Consultant

What Is an SAP Materials Management Consultant?

The SAP materials management consultant is responsible for controlling and documenting the purchasing, inventory, and warehouse management settings in SAP software. Day-to-day tasks in this career path can include virtually anything that has to do with the inventory required to keep a business up and running. Inventory, invoicing, and purchasing are all integral to the functionality of retail businesses across the globe, including household names like Amazon.

Those who find satisfaction in organizing, tracking, and organizing things can be strong fits for the SAP materials management consultant career path. It’s also an excellent way to become a priceless asset in the essential inner-workings of a business to ensure a safe, secure, and high-priority career.

How Do You Become an SAP Materials Management Consultant?

To become an SAP materials management consultant, you also need to learn fundamental SAP skills. Afterward, you embark on learning the various configurations and functions of SAP as they relate to inventory, warehouse, and data management (among other essentials).

Learn more about becoming an SAP materials management consultant on our learning path page.


4. SAP Sales & Distribution Consultant

What Is an SAP Sales & Distribution Consultant?

The SAP sales & distribution consultant plays a major role in modeling and setting up the sales structure of an organization, including the logistics that are required to fulfill sales once they’re made.

Some of the crucial know-how of an SAP sales & distribution consultant revolve around pricing, which can be its own beast in terms of maintaining the sweet spot between affordability and profitability. There are also questions of freight, discounting, order fulfillment, and more.

This is another SAP career path where organized and process-driven individuals can find a satisfying and well-paying position at a company they like. In essence, you make yourself essential to the fundamental functions of a company’s success — earning revenue and order fulfillment.

How Do You Become an SAP Sales & Distribution Consultant?

Again, the first step on the SAP sales & distribution consultant career path is in the fundamental skills of using the software. Then, it’s a matter of transitioning to a little more than a dozen different lessons concerned with pricing, costs, freight, fulfillment, and more.

Compared to the previous career paths on this list, an SAP sales & distribution consultant has a lighter curriculum to learn. However, they still play vital roles in a company’s success.

You can learn more about becoming an SAP sales & distribution consultant on our learning path.


5. IT / Business Analyst

What Is an IT / Business Analyst?

Becoming an IT/business analyst opens the doors for you to assess a business from the ground up, identify areas of opportunity, draft requirements for information systems, and create use cases. This is a lot of responsibility, broadly speaking. However, learning the intricacies of common business models, like Lean and Agile, help make the career more understandable and actionable from a newcomer’s perspective.

Analyzing IT systems and whole businesses can require someone comfortable in high-pressure business settings and confident in their decisions. The findings and suggestions you make in this career path can have long-lasting impacts on a company. Some of them may even be permanent!

How Do You Become an IT / Business Analyst?

As with our other career paths, the journey to becoming an IT/business analyst requires learning fundamental skills as they relate to SAP. Then, you have to learn and understand the ins and outs of business frameworks, scrum, data flow, Microsoft Office, and more.

To learn more about becoming an IT/business analyst, visit our learning path page.  


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