Posted on 9/15/2016 by Diana Ospina.

Delphine Tomlins SAP TrainingDelphine Tomlins scored a perfect 100% on our SAP Material Master Data Final Exam and has offered some insight and tips on how she prepped for the test.

Hi Delphine, thank you for taking the time to share some of your insights and tips with our students. I am sure they will greatly appreciate it! My first question for you is what was your need for SAP training?

My pleasure Diana, I really needed refresher trainings in MM (Material Master) and SD (Sales & Distribution) before going back to work after a career break to look after my daughter.

Right, I understand. Refresh training is actually a popular need amongst our students. Delphine, do you have any advice for new SAP students who are currently taking our training?

Yes, my best advice would be to do as much training as possible. Subscribe to an SAP access subscription as soon as possible so that you can practice what you have just learned.

That’s a great tip, thank you! Also, did you consider any other training besides MMC?

 Not really.

Fantastic and what actually made you decide on MMC’s Training?

The variety of courses you offer was very impressive and the one year unlimited training subscription offer for $2,195 was too hard to pass. I like that it enables you to repeat the modules as much as needed.

Yes, the fact that you are able to repeat the courses and final exams as much as you’d like is a great benefit to our unlimited subscription. Lastly, how would you say MMC’s training has benefited you?

MMC’s training has helped me feel more confident now to go back to work after my career break, I would highly recommend it to others. 

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