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Asset History Sheet EnhancementThe Asset History Sheet Report is one of the most powerful reports available in Asset Accounting. It is a roll-forward report and shows the Beginning Balances, Asset Transactions (i.e. Acquisitions, Retirements, Transfers, etc.) and the resulting Ending Balances.

Unfortunately, the report can be run on a Year-to-Date basis only. This makes it impossible to run a roll-forward report just for a specific month or time period other than Year-to-Date.

As a result, the report cannot be used for period reconciliation purposes and its usability is significantly limited.



We have enhanced the standard report to allow you to run it by period – i.e. on a monthly basis or any other time frame of the current fiscal year.

For example, you can now use the report for monthly reconciliation purposes simply by limiting it to the reporting month. Or you could run the report for a specific fiscal quarter, etc. The Beginning Balances are now shown as of the beginning of the period you enter and not as of the beginning of the fiscal year.

Further, our report can show you the planned as well as actually posted values – again, this makes reconciliation on a monthly basis possible.

Interested in learning more?
Than watch this short video clip of the actual report.



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