About Michael Management

Who are we?

We create the best SAP eLearning for our students.
Things we believe to be true:


We produce the best possible learning products for our customers.

We believe in going the extra mile, spending extra time and money on our eLearning solutions to produce the very best training materials out there. For example, we hire professional voice actors for the audio, produce downloadable handouts and formal final exams. No other training provider does this.


We don't have to wear suits to do business.

Our casual company culture is built upon the belief that our ambitious goals and challenging work is fun most of the time. We do not believe in corporate drudgery, mind-numbing corporate bureaucracies or the need to wear suits in order to do business.


We can make money and do good at the same time.

We are a for-profit business and charge fair prices for our products and services. At the same time we enable thousands of people to obtain valuable SAP skills in order to improve their own market value, employability and income potential.


We prefer to do one thing really, really well. Really.

We used to be a consulting company when we first started in 2000...but we transformed our business into the leading SAP eLearning company now and thus, decided to give up consulting work. We rather focus on the one thing that we're really, really good at – producing the best online SAP training solutions!


We don't have to be in an office to be productive.

We started our company in sunny San Diego, California but are now headquartered in New York City – right in the heart of Manhattan. Our team is dispersed all over the US and we have learned to be super-efficient while working remotely from anywhere at any time. The world is going mobile and so are we.