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Corporate SAP Training

One award-winning SAP training solution for your entire team.
Train more users in less time for half the cost.

Live SAP Access

Access to fully licensed SAP sandbox systems from any computer.
Available 24/7 to learn and practice your SAP skills on your own terms.

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We're proud of the companies we've worked with in the past -they include some of the best, brightest and most successful companies from all over the world.

Our SAP training customers

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Expert instructors, quality resources & excellent training materials.

Allwyn Rajkumar
Associate Consultant
YASH Technologies

MMC has changed my professional life, with their user-friendly courses. They guarantee the day-to-day learning & success of the SAP user.

Juan Pablo Obama Obama Nchama
Atlantic Methanol Production Company, LLC.

Training is very good. I have been able to use my training to help me at work.

Keith Gallant
Senior Quality Engineer
Borgers Ltd

Award-winning SAP training

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Leader in SAP Training.


Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology.


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Stay up to date with our SAP training blog and share your thoughts on top trending topics related to your SAP career.

Learn the Musashi Approach to Making SAP Training Stick

We interviewed Tom Adkins, the training coordinator of Musashi, winner of our 1st Annual SAP Training Challenge. With Michael Management as a training partner (and plenty of hard work) Musashi has created effective SAP training plans, processes and learning development requirements, that are solving real challenges. We asked Tom how his training program has been so successful:    Michael Management: What strategies have ...

Benjamin Heyworth Posted on 9/11/2018
by Benjamin  Heyworth

How to Convince Your Boss You Need SAP Training

If only you could make all the SAP training decisions at work! Fortunately, you have the next best thing and we have done most of the work for you - with a generic email template you can use with your boss.   Even though this template is a great starting point, you need to consider the following before you hit the send button:  Have I clearly communicated what I need? Have you properly researched ...

Benjamin Heyworth Posted on 8/27/2018
by Benjamin  Heyworth

How to Install the SAP GUI

What is the SAP GUI? The SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a software program on your computer that allows you to access an SAP system. SAP uses a so-called client-server architecture where the SAP system/application resides on a server and you are accessing the system via your computer (which is called the client - see below image for SAP's typical client-server set up). There are 3 different types of SAP GUIs and they each have ...

Thomas Michael Posted on 8/1/2018
by Thomas  Michael