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I have truly enjoyed my company`s purchase of MMC`s training. The modules are clear & easy to understand. They provide a great learning tool for both novice & experienced SAP users seeking increased SAP knowledge or just refresher training.

Lionel James
Sr. Business Analyst
National DCP

Everything looks good to me. I really enjoyed this training.

Hilario Engura
Accounting & Finance Dept.
Atlantic Methanol Production Company LLC

I find the Michael Management training materials very useful and logically structured.

Zsuzsanna Nyiri-Muller
Accounts Receivable Team Leader
The Nielsen Company

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Effective Study Habits to Grow Your SAP Career

Starting a new course of study seems daunting in the beginning. You may have months—or years—ahead of you to finish your curriculum. How are you going to get all this done? Effective studying is more than showing up for class and opening a book now and then. Most successful students become successful by developing and using smart, effective study habits. These study habits are helpful while you’re learning, and will also benefit ...

Amy ODonnell Posted on 7/9/2019
by Amy  ODonnell

What is the SAP Cloud Platform?

How many of you can explain what the SAP Cloud Platform is? I’m assuming that most of you who are reading this blog have a vague grasp, or at least an awareness of the term, but not necessarily a comprehensive understanding of exactly what the SAP Cloud Platform is and what it does. Luckily, Jon Yagos is both a great teacher and an SAP Cloud Platform expert who did all the work for us. Jon’s beginning level course provides students ...

Claire Albaum Posted on 7/8/2019
by Claire  Albaum

7 Reasons for Continuous Learning

After finishing college, the last thing you may be interested in is reading a book or learning something new. That’s understandable, since you’ve just spent the last few years learning. . .and learning. . .and learning. You’ve studied all kinds of things and can speak about them intelligently. But graduating from college or other training program shouldn’t be the end of your learning process. What you know right now will ...

Amy ODonnell Posted on 6/26/2019
by Amy  ODonnell