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Sarah Kariuki
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

I am very happy with all of your training!

Mario Belanger
Senior IS Analyst Operations System
Rothmans Benson & Hedges

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Top 10 SAP Interview Questions

If you have looked at big company job ads recently you have probably noticed that many of them say ‘SAP experience required/preferred’ – in fact, 86% of the large Fortune 2000 companies around the world use SAP software to run their businesses. It’s no wonder that SAP skills are in such high demand these days. Once you apply for one of these jobs you will eventually be quizzed on your SAP knowledge in the interview process. ...

Thomas Michael Posted on 6/20/2019
by Thomas  Michael

SAP Interview Time: Personal Selling Techniques

Excellent salespeople have a knack for delivering the need for a product or service without being perceived as overbearing or annoying. When we leave that type of sales experience, we tend to feel good about the purchase and could even turn into a repeat customer. Those same personal selling techniques can be applied to your SAP professional career. You may be eyeing a specific promotion or transition from a middle manager to an executive ...

Claire Albaum Posted on 6/18/2019
by Claire  Albaum

How To Make Time Management Fun

When most people hear the words “time management,” they don’t immediately think of fun. They think about having to do work, the hours they’ll lose doing the un-fun thing, and what they’d rather be doing (like SAP training). The thing about this is that it’s possible to unravel and see it in a completely different way. At Michael Management, we know this because we tested it, and it works. In fact, we’re ...

Elvira Veksler Posted on 6/17/2019
by Elvira  Veksler